Just a quick reminder that I’m teaching another “Five Element Flow” workshop at Namaskar Yoga from 1pm-3:30 this Saturday, 10/22.  The first hour will be lecture / discussion about some TCM basics and specifics about what to watch for in the Autumn months.  We’ll discuss the meridians of the Late Summer (Spleen and Stomach) and Autumn (Lung and Large Intestine).  A 90-minute yoga practice will follow focusing on those four meridians.

You’ll leave the workshop with some basic knowledge about TCM theory and specific foods to keep in your pantry in the Autumn months, and by the end of practice your body will be well aware of the paths of those four meridians!

Registration for the workshop is at http://www.namaskaryoga.com/Namaskar_Yoga/Workshops_Special_Classes.html.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for future posts.  My email address is jana@apexacu.com.

– Jana