Saturdays 8am-9am

Sunrise Park
Lake Bluff

Cost of series:
(6 classes):

Single class:  $40

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All Classes include:
Daily movement practices
(Tai Chi / Qi Gong)

Breathing exercisesMeditation practice

June 3
I will provide a brief (very brief) introduction to Chinese medical theory including the basic tenets of nourishing life (called “Yangshen”).

June 10
We will have a discussion about the role of climate and seasonal change in creating harmony / disharmony in the body, external causes of disease, and role of “tensegrity” in the body.

June 17
Learn about the role of emotions and how they live in the body.

June 24
We’ll take a deeper dive into concept of Yangshen and importance of mind/emotions, diet, exercise, sleep.

July 8
Learn about the flavors and thermal nature of foods, along with their reactions / directions in the body.

July 15
Learn more about the ways in which seasonal change and phases of the moon affect the body and how to flow through both with more ease.

**No class July 1st