Sunrise Park | Lake Bluff
Saturdays | 8am-9:15

June 15, 22, 29
July 13, 20, 27

Class Series $210
Single Class $45

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These classes were created as a way to share the gems of East Asian Medicine that I have picked up over the past 15+ years.

When I first started seeing an acupuncturist, I asked her what led her to study this medicine, and she answered that part of the reason was that she believed it held some of the answers to life’s big questions.

That got my attention. I wanted to know the answers. I didn’t even know the questions! Her comment has been sitting in my mind for close to 20 years – what are the questions and, more importantly, what are the answers?Preparing for and teaching these classes has provided an opportunity for me to dive deep into everything I have learned, and I have come to believe that a couple of life’s big questions are:

  • How do we best take care of ourselves?
  • How do we flow with Nature? (What does that even mean?)

East Asian Medicine solidly answers these questions, and they are the heart of the Nourishing Life classes. My goal is that participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Class Structure:
Each class begins with a short meditation and 10-20 minute movement practice (Tai Chi / Qigong). We will then delve into one or more of the below topics. In each class, I’ll allow time for questions and discussion, and we’ll close with a breathing exercise and / or short meditation.

Class topics include:

  • Intro to the basics of Tai Chi / Qi Gong
  • Background and instruction for breathing and meditation practice
  • Our relationship with Nature.
  • The basics of East Asian Medicine theory.
  • How to strengthen your body, especially your core, from the inside out.
  • The ways in which the weather can impact your health.
  • Emotions and where they live in the body.
  • Food and flavors – how to eat seasonally for your unique body.
  • Importance of movement practices and the role exercise plays in your overall health.
  • Breathing – how to improve vitality (and lung capacity) through the breath
  • What happens when we sleep and how to fall asleep faster.
  • Flowing with the seasons – with exercise, food, and overall lifestyle.

Each class will build on the previous to form a connected series, but participants are welcome to drop in on classes as their schedule allows.