Take a deep dive into discussion about that which nourishes life – breath, flowing with the seasons, eating the right foods for your body, movement practices, managing emotions, and sleep – and the beautiful symmetry of nature.

Saturdays 9:30-10:45
Gorton Center, Lake Forest

January 13
Brief overview about Chinese medical theory and our relationship with nature. Introduction to concept of “yangsheng” (nourishing life)

January 20
External causes of disease, the role of Qi / “tensegrity” and the fascial system

January 27
“Bodymind”- emotions, spirit, and where they live in the body

February 3
Food, diet, flavors, and direction

February 10
Breath, appropriate balance of rest, activity, and sleep

February 17
The ways in which seasonal change and life phases affect the body and how to flow through both with increased ease

All classes include brief practices of:
– movement (Tai Chi / Qi Gong)
– breathing exercises
– standing or seated meditation

Cost of series (6 classes)
Before 12/15: $180
After 12/15: $210
Single class: $45

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