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New Granule Pharmacy


Herbal Pharmacy I’m so excited to announce that we are preparing to install a granule pharmacy in our office better address your individual concerns.  Sadly, it won't look nearly as cool as the photo.  It

New Granule Pharmacy2021-01-29T13:13:41-06:00

January 2021 Update


New Capabilities I hope this note finds you safe and well, and optimistic about the new year.  There were certainly a lot of challenges in 2020, but one positive of the past year has been

January 2021 Update2021-01-29T12:56:12-06:00

Herbal Medicine


Chinese Herbal Medicine Herbal medicine works primarily through the flavor and the thermal nature of herb combinations. We must have enough “storage” capacity in our bodies to draw energy down and in and keep it

Herbal Medicine2021-01-29T13:08:53-06:00



Acupuncture, as I currently understand it, provides a means of communication for the body to better connect with the brain and nervous system so that efforts may be sent to different areas in need.  Stress,


Nature and Physiology


Nature + Physiology One of the beautiful things about Chinese medicine theory is that it is truly a medicine based in the observation of our relationship with nature. For instance, Springtime is easily seen as

Nature and Physiology2021-01-29T13:07:04-06:00

Acupressure Palpation Series 1 of 5


Looking for a little DIY acupuncture? Introducing: acupressure palpation! We made a series of 3-4 minute videos focused on techniques designed to help you relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and strengthen your immune system. Special thanks

Acupressure Palpation Series 1 of 52020-04-12T15:02:24-05:00

Acupressure Palpation Series 2 of 5


  This is the second video in the series, where I describe acupressure technique, and will cover the first 3 areas of the hands and arms. These areas, or channels, are primarily useful for the

Acupressure Palpation Series 2 of 52020-04-12T15:02:37-05:00

Acupressure Palpation Series – 3 of 5


  This is the third in the series, and describes the remaining 3 areas of the hands and arms. These 3 areas, or channels, are useful for the immune system, various aches and pains, anxiety,

Acupressure Palpation Series – 3 of 52020-04-12T15:02:01-05:00
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