The Future of Acupuncture


Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery With National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day coming up later this month (Oct 24th), I thought it an appropriate time to explain what goes into this practice. My

The Future of Acupuncture2017-09-18T17:58:29-05:00

All About Cupping


Cupping is enjoying its 15 minutes of fame. It's fun to see the tell-tale marks on the back and shoulders of the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, but I'm a little concerned that

All About Cupping2017-09-18T17:57:13-05:00

Summer 2016 – Joy and the Heart in Balance


Ahhh Summer. Finally. Nature has exploded in color and fragrance, and we are all breathing a sigh of relief. Chinese Medicine associates the Summer with the emotion "joy"; this is also when the Heart organ

Summer 2016 – Joy and the Heart in Balance2017-09-18T13:30:36-05:00

Spring 2016 – Wind


Anyone who has spent significant time with me over the past several years knows that I have a healthy respect for the wind. Prior to my training in Chinese medicine, it would rarely affect my

Spring 2016 – Wind2017-09-18T16:39:14-05:00

Winter 2016 – On Ice


It is winter. In Chinese Medicine, this is the time of “storage”. Animals hibernate. The ground is covered with a layer of snow and ice. And humans should all slow down... this might not be

Winter 2016 – On Ice2017-09-18T18:03:15-05:00

Autumn 2015 – Yin & Yang


In my mind, real “summer” didn't begin until mid-July, so I am really hoping that we have a warm September and a nice looooong Indian Summer! In Chinese Medicine, early autumn is the time that

Autumn 2015 – Yin & Yang2017-09-18T18:10:58-05:00

Apex Acupuncture Summer 2015 Update


Happy Summer! Summer is my favorite time of the year! In Chinese medicine, it is the season of highest Yang - it is the time of expansion, growth, lightness, outward activity, brightness, and creativity. Our

Apex Acupuncture Summer 2015 Update2015-09-08T15:43:14-05:00

14 Things Acupuncture Can Help You Achieve in 2014

2014-01-07T15:57:13-06:00 By Sara Calabro Happy 2014! The new year is officially underway, so it’s time to get serious about any changes or improvements that you’ve committed to making in 2014. How are you going to

14 Things Acupuncture Can Help You Achieve in 20142014-01-07T15:57:13-06:00

Apex Acupuncture & Wellness Winter 2014 Newsletter


Each new season offers an opportunity to take stock of our health and realign with our natural rhythms. “Winter is the end of all the seasons.  To unify with winter, one emphasizes the Yin principle

Apex Acupuncture & Wellness Winter 2014 Newsletter2014-01-06T16:07:34-06:00

Apex Acupuncture Autumn 2013 Newsletter


We quietly slipped into Autumn this week.   Each new season offers an opportunity to take stock of our health and realign with our natural rhythms.   From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, this season

Apex Acupuncture Autumn 2013 Newsletter2013-09-25T16:09:19-05:00
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