East Asian Medicine

utf-8''IMG_1064-1 East Asian Medicine is the longest enduring, continuously evolving, literate medicine in human history. Its methods of treatment, including acupuncture and botanical (herbal) medicine as well as auxiliary methods such as tui na, moxibustion, gua sha, eastern nutrition, and cupping, have been refined over thousands of years and applied to the successful healing of – quite literally – billions of patients. East Asisan Medicine is perhaps the most tested form of medicine practiced around the world today.

There is a saying in East Asian Medicine: “To treat a disease, find the root”. The symptoms (along with the Western diagnosis) that you currently experience, no matter the severity, are all considered “branches”. The root of the disease can often be traced back many years. This is one of the primary differences between modern Western and East Asian Medicine. Chinese Medicine will treat the branch (symptoms) along with the root cause of disease whereas modern Western medicine typically focuses treatment entirely on the branch.

Most of us suffer from several chronic issues that seem entirely unrelated, but in fact stem from the same root cause. Just as there are many types of trees, there are many roots of disease. Your answers to the questions asked in your initial office consultation will help determine the root cause of your symptoms.