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“I have been an athlete for over 20 years and in terms of sport medicine, I have tried it all…cortisone, physical therapy, anti inflammatories, Active Resistance Therapy, all kinds of massage, and ultimately surgery.  All three of my knee surgeries have been different, and my second one was definitely the worst.  I had a lot of inflammation and scar tissue and could not get the mobility back into my knee for a long period of time.  Seven years later I had to have the same knee scoped a third time and was extremely apprehensive to say the least.  I had been going to Jana for various aches and pains and every time I left, whether she did cupping, or gua sha or acupuncture, I ALWAYS left feeling better than when I came.  She would tailor her regimen based on what I needed at that time. No two sessions are alike which is wonderful as your body rarely feels the same all the time.

So Jana treated me through this third knee surgery and I can NOT say enough about how much it helped my recovery which was light years faster than the first two (which is unheard of…).  I had a lot of inflammation right after the surgery but after three treatments with Jana, my inflammation rapidly decreased along with my scar tissue.  Once that lessens, you are able to work on your range of motion faster which in turn, speeds up mobility and recovery.

I attribute the rapidness of my recovery to Jana and her amazing work.  She is knowledgeable, responsible and very intuitive.  She helped me navigate the world of Western Medicine, allowing what had to be done but then also giving me natural alternatives to anti-inflammatories, pills, or cortisone shots.    Apex and Jana are an absolutely necessary addition to anyone’s pain management and/or rehabilitation process!” – D.B.

“Jana has helped me with everything from fibroids to plantar fasciitis to back pain to colds and flu. She is a miracle worker. And her office is so soothing and comfortable along with her bedside manner. I trust her implicitly.” – A.F.

“The experience of my acupuncture treatments from Jana have been amazing. As you walk into her office you just get a wave of calmness over you. She has treated me with success for everything from chronic shoulder pain, Achilles tendinitis, random muscle pain/tension, colds, and headaches with acupuncture, cupping, herbs, and gua sha. All stuff I would never have tried but am so happy I did!” – A.M.

“As someone who spent most of my life afraid of needles, I was intrigued by acupuncture but a bit apprehensive. Jana’s calming and genuine nature convinced me to give it a try, and her in-depth knowledge of Chinese Medicine has kept me going on a regular basis for nearly two years. Jana is deeply committed not only to understanding the various aspects of this long standing practice, but also to supporting her patients’ individual needs. Your first treatment begins with a detailed interview and each subsequent treatment is based on what your body needs at that particular time. My body feels the healthiest and most balanced it ever has and even more importantly, my anxiety has tremendously decreased. My sleep has drastically improved and I find myself going through life more grounded and present. With her extensive and ongoing training in Chinese Medicine coupled with her understanding and practice of yoga, Jana has such a wide knowledge base and is also such an authentic practitioner who brings so much passion to her work and truly practices what she preaches. I really could not think of a more ideal individual to provide such well-rounded support and coaching for a healthy body and mind!” – R. C.

“After having a hormone disrupting IUD removed, I needed to get my body and cycles back on track. Through acupuncture treatments and herbs, Jana helped regulate my cycles. I continue to seek acupuncture treatment for stress relief. I walk out of Jana’s office feeling relaxed and I sleep better the rest of the week!” – S.L.

“I was very hesitant about the idea of acupuncture. Like many people, needles make me a bit uncomfortable. The difference acupuncture has made in my life is truly amazing. From chronic headaches to muscle and joint issues Jana’s treatments make me feel better every time. The whole experience is calming and I look forward to my treatments. I definitely wish I would have tried acupuncture sooner and know I will continue treatments for life!” – J.M.

“I had recently been given a diagnosis of patellar tendonitis and decided to seek out acupuncture treatment.  I was already a believer, having successfully treated elbow tendinitis via acupuncture years earlier in Toronto.  I found Apex online and it was my lucky day!  Jana is not only very knowledgeable and skilled in acupuncture, she is a delightful and personable individual who clearly loves and believes in what she is doing.  After four treatments my knee was pain free.  And she worked on some nagging shoulder pain and other assorted aches (aging-related) simultaneously, and they have improved dramatically as well.   Can’t recommend Apex enough – give it a try – so worth it!” – L.S.

“I wish I had started acupuncture years ago! It is so nice to get relief without having to take another medication. Jana is thoughtful and knowledgeable, and I feel completely relaxed and confident in her care.” – L.D.

“The entire experience was amazing. The office is beautiful and very relaxing. Jana made me feel very comfortable, spent a good deal of time asking important questions, and I was at ease when it came time for the acupuncture. She is extremely knowledgeable as well!” – C.H.

“Acupuncture works – my feet were taking a beating during marathon training and Jana helped me with a program to treat my plantar fasciitis and bunion pain. Jana will work with you to make the treatment fit your needs. When my foot pain was not the main issue she helped with stress reduction. I find acupuncture more relaxing than a massage and the effects last longer.” – S.P.

“After years of lower back pain and mild nerve damage in my hands, I decided to seek out some alternatives to strength training and pain killers.  I was referred to Jana Bricker, who runs Apex Acupuncture, and received several treatments over the last few months.  My lower back pain is virtually gone, and sensation in my hands has returned.  Jana has an impressive acupuncture education and background, and is also an athlete and yoga instructor, which I believe helped a lot when she suggested supporting treatments with various exercises.  In addition to Jana’s background, what I appreciate most is her honesty and candidness regarding what will help and what won’t.  Apex and Jana Bricker get my highest recommendation.” – T.S.

“Apex Acupuncture and Wellness came well recommended for a very sore right shoulder. Jana Bricker reviewed my condition and recommended several acupuncture sessions.  Since then, my shoulder has completely healed and I have back all of my mobility.  Jana is very honest and will let you know in your first consultation whether there is a good chance of success.” – I.K.

“Thank you Jana! I slept like a baby last night. You are the best and I am grateful.” – W.C.

“Thank you Jana for working on my foot yesterday! Plantar fasciitis and tendonitis – feeling so much better today!” – C.S.

“I had been frustrated by frequent headaches and migraines, and sinus infections 2-3 times each year. Yes, Western medicine was able to help me via OTC and prescription pain meds for my headaches, and antibiotics every time a cold turned into a sinus infection, but I was tired of constantly trying to fix my ailments with pills.  I wanted to do something to prevent these issues.

I tried acupuncture for the first time in 2007, and have been hooked on it ever since. Since then, I’ve tried cupping, gua sha, herbs, and ear seeds. These treatments have done wonders for me. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had a sinus infection since starting acupuncture. My headaches and migraines have significantly decreased.

I have changed jobs since I began treatment, and have had to switch acupuncture providers. I definitely have experience comparing providers, and knowing what category each fits into:
1. I won’t ever go back to them again
2. OK…they will do
3. I don’t care if this provider is an hour away from home, I’m still going to make the drive…s/he is THAT awesome.

Jana fits into category 3. I started treatments with Jana about two years ago when I was working in the Lake Forest area. I’ve since taken a job in the Milwaukee suburbs (close to where I live), but still make the trip to see Jana every three weeks. She’s THAT good!

When you have a treatment session with Jana, you will be greeted with a warm, relaxing environment with calming music in the background. A comfy treatment table with a heating mat underneath you, and a warming lamp for your feet (in the summer, you probably won’t need the heat…and instead, you’ll hear birds chirping outside the window and feel the warmth from the sun), as you fall into that relaxed state you might even catch a nap — you’ll be THAT relaxed!

Jana’s technique is excellent (I’ve used providers before where every needle inserted hurts…. that is not the case with Jana). I also love cupping.  I think it feels like a deep tissue massage, and I swear that cupping is the secret to improving the immune system.

If you’ve never tried acupuncture, but have thought about it…definitely give it a try. I can’t promise that all that ails you will be gone in just one session. Make a promise to yourself to try it at least a few times. By then, I think you’ll start to feel the benefits. Your body will thank you!!” – K.E.

“I have restless leg syndrome that makes my legs (and sometimes my arms) ache, even when I have had a very easy day physically. I went to see Jana because taking 800 milligrams of ibuprofen was not something that I wanted to do every night. I am not on any medication and I did not want to be dependent on any pills to get to sleep at night.

After several sessions my legs stopped aching. Even a year later the aching has not returned! I also had the opportunity to see how acupuncture would help my lower back pain, something I have not experienced in twenty years. I was helping my Mom and strained my lower back. I settled for a 90 minute massage because I could not get into Jana, and it helped temporarily, but the pain was still there. I later was able to get acupuncture from Jana and the pain went away, and stayed away.

It is such a relaxing and therapeutic treatment I am thinking of making up a reason to go back for more!” – D.B.